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Cava Antigua® is synonymous of excellence and passion for Tequila. More than 110 years and 5 generations committed to excellence in our elaboration. Don Samuel Romero (1902-1985) began with this great history of passion and commitment to tequila, transmitting it to his lineage, Javier Romero (1925- present), Gustavo Romero (1950-present), Gustavo E. Romero, and Roberto Samuel M. Romero (1997- present). Love, passion and dedication for Tequila are the common factor of our family, and it was in 1995 that Gustavo Romero decided to share this passion with other people and what better way to do it than creating CAVA ANTIGUA®.

Don Samuel Romero 1902-1982
Gustavo E. Romero, Gustavo Romero y Javier Romero. 
Gustavo E. Romero, Gustavo Romero y Javier Romero. 

Cava Antigua® was founded by Gustavo Romero and co-founded by Gustavo E. Romero, his son. Short after, in 1997 this product was presented in the United States with a great welcoming. The mission of Cava Antigua® has always been and will be to exalt the flavors of the most representative beverage in Mexico: Tequila, merging the ancestral methods with the contemporaries. For Cava Antigua®, it is essential to maintain the exceptional quality of our production, thus sacrificing the quantity of production to make it a product of appreciation.

In 2003 Gustavo Romero laid the foundation stone for the construction of his long-awaited Cava Antigua® Tequila Tour (Hacienda Antigua), on the paradisiacal island of Cozumel Quintana Roo, with the purpose of transmitting the culture of tequila, its history and its elaboration through all the senses to our visitors, during the course of three historical stages: the pre-hispanic stage, the colonial and finally the contemporary stage. With this, more than a million people have visited us, living the Cava Antigua® experience, sharing our culture, love and our passion for Tequila: a symbol of Mexico in the world.


Tequila Cava Antigua®  Excellence in Tequila. 

Hacienda Antigua, Cozumel. 
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