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Cava Antigua® since its origin has been elaborated very carefully with a 100% of Blue Agave selection of Tequila Weber very carefully cultivated and harvested as far as ten years after sowing, with the blessing of red soil on heights of Jalisco, which is recognized for its high context of iron, as well as nutrients being very essential to reach the highest percentage of reducers in sugar of this very admirable plant.


       The next most important step is the use of the stone oven or masonry, which the process is slow as well as the autoclave oven.  These ovens are very carefully design to be able to hold the flavor and sweetness of the agave, which is also grind in a very efficient manner, which is able to have an exquisite juice at a maximum level.


       The process of the fermentation would not be possible whit out following the origins methods, in which time has been able to guide of our great instructor Don Jose Francisco Villegas third generation of this tequilera dynasty, obtaining a perfect balance to give rise to the long awaited task of double distillation in our exclusive stainless steel still design and this being able to have a perfect balance and reach our excellence and very well know Tequila Cava Antigua Silver, base of our tequilas, worthy of being subjected to experiment with all the senses the organoleptic richness in function with a velvety smoothness in which the palates of experts and amateurs are delighted to perceive an uncountable number of fruity and floral aromas achieved thanks to its complex and distinctive structure.


       The maturation an aging process is carried out in new barrels of American white oak and French oak designed under our exclusive specification of the combination of these fine woods as well as their unique and secret toast.

     Tequila Cava Antigua® is bottled in its unique blown glass bottle for which it requires 21

hand steps from its manufacture, washing, gluing of fine leather labels to the filling one by

one manually and subjected to a meticulous review; for this and more it makes it an

exceptional product.


     International award winner as the first place in the category of “The Best Tequilas Reposados of Mexico” held in Mexico City, also as being Exceptional in “Chicago Beverage Tasting Institute” and  winner of Golden Medal in San Diego, California at “Del Mar Tequila Classic” in May 2016.

Elaborated an bottled by Destiladora Los Magos, S.A. de  C.V. factory “La Querencia” in the municipality of Tlajomulco de Zuniga, Jalisco, (Tlajomulco in Nahuatl  means Land of the corner) which belongs to Guadalajara  conurbation.

       Destiladora Los Magos gets its name in honor of the three great and respected wise astronomers who left the east to bring gifts an riches to Jesus Christ in those years, this largely due to the fact that the Destiladora Los Magos is very close to the population that render homage to these famous sages every January 6th, being the biggest celebration celebrated in the world in honor to the mentioned Magi Kings of East.


       Each bottle of Tequila Cava Antigua is considered by Gustavo Romero, his family and its fortunate buyers and fans as a piece of art, maintaining from its beginnings a philosophy of limited production, in order to maintain itself as “Excellence in Tequila”.

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